07 January, 2010

Back again

The last few weeks have been filled with travel at Christmas, family and friends. So I had little time to work on my blog.  But now I am settled in Paris for a few weeks and can get back to telling you all what a great time I have had.

In LA, my daughter took me for a ride to her old neighborhood in West Hollywood, which sounds like a glamorous place to those who have never been there. As my 87 year old mother said, when she and I traveled there together, "What a disappointment Hollywood is." Frankly I have to agree. It is polluted, dirty and strange people roam the streets.

For example, across the street on West Fairfax from Clio's old apartment is a church. In front of the church sits this old woman, a bag lady, with her supermarket cart full of treasures. She sits on the steps of the church with her Bible muttering aloud for hours.

While driving by, we had to stop at the red light, which sits on a silver pole. While waiting for the light to change, the bag lady ambled up to the post, pulled up her dress and  dumped one right there.  I shook  my head and Clio moaned, "I lived here 9 year with that woman across the street. Can you imagine raising a child here?" I thought to myself, 'Chiara, who was babbling in the back seat, would not have been outraged, she would have thought that such things happened on everyone's street.'

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