07 January, 2010

At the Beach

Everyone dreams of going to the beach in California.  It is a pretty impressive place: beautiful girls doing yoga, playing badmitten or just lying around getting a tan. Handsome men lifting weights, throwing  frisbees, playing volleyball and children building sandcastles and running in and out of the water. Surfers flying in on the big waves, swimmers and men and women jogging up and down the beach with their dogs.

But behind all this dreamy scene is the dark side. Wherever there are  piles of rocks, which gives the beach an added texture, you need only stand still for a few minutes. Crawling from the crevices come families of rats, big ones, that must feed on the leftovers of the people's food on the beach. And when you jump up and down and shout, they disappear leaving the rocks as a beautiful backdrop to the beachers.

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