07 January, 2010

Flying to Paris

On this trip we. took Lufthansa, not for any reason, except it was the cheapest direct flight we could find.

Again, it was the staff was very nice. But they nickeled and dimed us to death. First we had to pay for our first and second bag, then we decided to upgrade to a seat which had a little more foot space and that was costly. But we each had an aisle seat and were very happy about that.

During Christmas, one of our twin sons and his family got the flu. We saw them the Saturday before Christmas luckily, because they spent Christmas in bed ill. Then when we went back to Wisconsin, we saw the other twin and his wife. Tracelynn was not feeling well, and the next day on their way home she had a fever and nausea. We were sure we were next, but fortunately, we didn't get sick either time. So as Murphy's law will have it, we weren't out of the woods yet. When we got on the plane, the young woman sitting between us was coughing, sneezing and vomiting all the way to Paris.

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