25 December, 2009

In the Milwaukee Airport

When we got to the airport at 9am and I tried to check in at Southwest, I was told the trip had been canceled---by me. Then I remembered that the trip cost $2000 and that was unacceptable. However that happened way back in October and much had happened since then. Now the question was, which airline did I make the trip with. After some searching I found the trip on Air Tran, leaving at 8pm. So, though it would have been nice to have some more time at home, we could have a day in the airport with no responsibilities. And google gave all airports free wifi for the holidays. So I was happy, and after the first shock Dick agreed that it was a wonderful idea to sit around and read books.

Of course nothing goes smoothly. The flight was late because of weather, so we didn't leave until after 9pm. Twelve hours in probably one of the most interesting airports in the world. It has the best book store, called the Renaissance Book store. There are very old books there as well as new books. I love browsing around in there. There a lot of shops with typical Wisconsin souvenirs: cheese heads; cheese; Milwaukee Beer; sweat shirts and t-shirts and 'of course the horrible food court.

Wisconsin has a majority of obese people and there's no wonder. Just look at the food courts in the Milwaukee Airport. Nothing decent to eat. I shudder when I see it. These food courts are in every mall as well. Why our citizens haven't stood up and protested the food served to us is obscene. We have lost our zest for life, our zest for a good life.

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