19 December, 2009

Indian Gestures 2

In India you never, and I mean never, touch anyone with your foot.  A young Danish woman went to work with her team in Mumbai. While they were they were having drinks after their meeting, she laughingly tapped his shin with her toe. The man gasped in horror and everyone else stopped talking. This is a terrible insult.

You are a VIP, a buyer or a person with good Indian friends. You are being met at the airportand they  want to garland you, by putting a garland of flowers around your neck. Don't worry. No one expects you to wear this for the rest of the day. Let them take your photo and then remove the garland and hand it to the nearest person with a smile.

If you ask an Indian a question or give him a suggestion, he may extend his arm with his palm down and his fingers splayed.  When he waggles his hand from side to side as if it were wet, it means whatever you're asking or suggesting is difficult for him. This gesture denotes uncertainty. You might call this a hand waggle.

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