15 November, 2009

The Pink Panther

Dick scanning the menu at the Pink Panther

The restaurant we enjoyed most was the Panthera Rosa.  The food was good, and the wine was better.  It's an interesting place because it has fairly simple food, but the wines range from 2 or 3 Euros to 400 Euros a bottle. For example we had a Nippozana which cost 10 euros, but there was a another bottle from the same vineyard selling for 120 euros.  With the exchange rate as it is, the ten euro one was fine. It was delicious.  We thought of our son Reed, daughter Clio and son-in-law John while we were drinking it. We toasted all three of you. And secretly thought, we would have bought the 120 Euro one if we could have split the money.

The great thing was that I could eat. I happen to be a vegetarian, who eats fish on occasion. Here Dick could fill himself with meat to his heart's delight and I have a huge choice of food from the vegetarian fare. 

It was a great evening.

We have friends from India who are strict vegetarians and said they coudn't find vegetarian food in Rome. I think it was the language that was the problem. There is plenty of vegetarian food. Of course it is made in the same kitchen with non veg, but outside of India you couldn't eat anywhere.

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