15 November, 2009

Leaving for the States

Tomorrow I have to catch my flight on Alitalia back to Chicago.  Dick wanted me to take a taxi to the airport, but there were too many difficulties in getting a taxi. So I have bought a ticket and will leave my apartment by 5am to walk up to the train station. There is a train at 5:52 and one at 6:22, so I can take my time.  I reach the airport by 7am, and my flight leaves at 10:10am.  We arrive early in the afternoon in Chicago, so I can catch a bus to my car and be home by dinner.  I think I'll eat out.

My daughter Clio is meeting me at home on Tuesday afternoon.  I am meeting a friend in the morning and taking care of problems with Kamala, my other daughter, and her house. On Thursday evening I catch a flight to India.  So it will be a full week. 

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