15 November, 2009

Instructions on train traveling or getting around Rome

This will be a very boring but informational blog. 

How do you go about getting tickets on the train?  In whichever termini you happen to be, you must find the machines which spit out the tickets once you have paid.  Naturally it isn't as easy as just standing there. First pick your language, then pick ticket, then a bunch of places will bounce up. Naturally you don't want to go to any of those places. Well maybe you do, but let's pretend. You look at the bottom of the window for other destinations and another window pops up with a typing facility, which means you have to type in the destination. Then it will ask for first or second class, tell you how much it costs and, when paid, spits out the ticket.  Some machines take cash and some don't.  Some only take credit or debit cards. If you have a problem, a homeless person will come up and help you.  You get your ticket and he/she gets one or two euros for whatever drink desired. 

There are signs everywhere: BEWARE OF PICK POCKETS.  Pay attention!  Ladies and young girls should keep their purse straps over their heads. Men and lads should put a rubber band around their wallets and keep it in the front pocket.  I know from personal experience that gypsies and their children are experts at getting your money.

You want to see Rome by bus, street car and metro.  You either get your tickets by going to the machines in the metro station or go to the tabacs.  A whole day costs 4 Euro but can be used on any and all transports.  For just one ticket, it costs one euro and that is for one trip. Tabacs close on Sunday, so get your tickets in advance or walk to the closest metro station.

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