27 November, 2009

Out on the town

Today I called the driver and with his taxi went shopping. You know when you have a list in the west, it is not uncommon to finish the list before the day is over. Not here. If one thing on the list is completed you can feel you've had a successful day. Well, nothing today on the list was completed. But I did buy some presents for my grandchildren.

I went to buy a doll for Mohini. She wanted to give it to her electrician, who has had a baby girl and is so excited. But do you think I could find a hand-made doll, a rag doll, or any such thing. No!! Only dolls you put on the shelf and look at. I think Indian children play with dolls just like any other children, but there were none I would consider acceptable. So I have to go again tomorrow, because I refuse to be defeated.

I wanted to get presents for the young women in my family. I have 3 daughters-in-law, 1 ex daughter-in-law, who is nevertheless cared about, and a daughter. Only one of them does not like jewelery and prefers money, so that's fine. One should give what is desired, right? The jeweler, I have known for more than 20 years, had moved and when I finally found  him, he wasn't in the shop.

You can't just go into any jeweler and buy jewelery. Here you have to establish a relationship with the jeweler so he doesn't want to cheat you. I could never buy from his son, daughter or anyone else in the shop. I don't know them and I don't trust anyone in India I don't know well. That's the way Indians do things and when in India do as they do.

So I bought some cute little outfits for my two youngest grandchildren who are going on two.

This is Rina, with her dark hair and brown eyes. She is quiet and contemplative.

This is Chiara, who is three months younger. She is anything but quiet, and like  her father crawls up, over and into everything. She has brown eyes as well, but her hair gets blonder every month.
As Wisconsinites, we are all Packer's fans, we who watch football.

For Rina I bought a light green outfit. She is dark and this would make a lovely contrast.

This is the detail embroidered on the front.

This is the detail around the neck.  Also embroidered.

This is Chiara's outfit, to go with her light hair.

This is the detail on Chiara's outfit.

The detail on the neck.

Than I bought an elephant and a horse they could play with.

These were all bought at the Cottage Industries on Janpath.  This is a store where you can depend on quality, and is frequented by those interested in crafts. These crafts will be dying as the country progresses. Sad, but inevitable.

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