26 November, 2009

Food into Eternity

I have to write this, because it is shocking.  Well maybe shocking is an exaggeration. But I am always overwhelmed by the amount of times one eats in India.

We start at 6:30am with coffee and two little cookies to prepare our stomachs for our medicine or our vitamins. Then at 8am comes breakfast, with toast, egg, cornflakes and fruit. At 10:30am coffee or  tea with milk and/or sugar are served and something to snack on. At 1pm lunch is  served, which includes 2 vegetables, dal, rice, chappatis and yogurt. At 3pm again coffee or tea and maybe a little snack. At 6pm, a drink, snacks or a bowl of soup and pappadam. At 8pm is the big meal. Dinner is served, which includes 3 vegetables, dal, rice, chappatis and yogurt and a sweet afterwards. I am never hungry when it's time to eat and I'm sure I am blowing up like a balloon. When I decline the tea or a snack, I am asked, "Aren't you well?" "Don't you like the food?" I'm terrified of going into a sugar coma at any moment.

When I return home, I will wait until I feel the pangs of hunger before I eat. Ah, one never realizes how good that can feel.

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