05 November, 2009

Living in Rome

Yesterday, the sun peeped out for about an hour or two. I ran out and basked in it then went for lunch. Big mistake. When I left the restaurant it was pouring.

I felt sorry for myself all day, watched TV and read my book. So when I went to bed, I decided to get off my fat bottom and do something in the morning. That was great, but during the night I had a wonderful dream. I was supposed to die. Everyone was waiting for the moment, standing around watching me, and Dick said he was leaving because he couldn't do anything anyway. I kept trying to find my check book, but it was nowhere to be found. I said I wanted to die in India, but that meant money. Finally in desperation I said I am not dying now. And woke up.

Today, the sun again disappeared, but I was able to buy some things needed to live in this apartment. Lots of salad stuff, kleennex, etc. Lots of carbs to eat in the restaurants in Italy, good carbs, but carbs nonetheless.

I walked to the railway station to get a newspaper. What a waste. It was yesterday's news. No wonder the newspapers are dying. Tomorrow I relearn the metro system. Good night all.

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