07 November, 2009

Around Rome

I was taught not to feel sorry for myself, but I guess I did. I would wake up and it was dark, no windows, and decide to go back to sleep. The problem was I had no one to talk to, no one to share my misery with. Then Dick arrived and I felt a lot better. I hate to admit I miss my husband, but on occasion, I guess I should face up to it. In any case, he came looking for via degli equi 8 and kept walking up and down the steet. I finally came out and saw him staring at a number across the street.

We dumped his luggage and went across the steet for dinner. I didn't realize it was a fish restaurant. I guess I thought such a thing didn't exist, but that is what it was. He had risotto alla scampi and I had spaghetti alla olio, aglio, peperoncini. It was great.

Dick laughed when he saw the apt. It is a fortress, first the door at the road. If my kids remember, we had a big door at our apartment in Firenze. This door is the same, but there is a tiny door that one uses to enter. Then there is a long hall to the garden, a trip through the garden and turn left to open another big door. Once in, you go to the end and take the door to the right and unlock it. Then go straight and turn to the left and the door on the right is our apt. It is interesting. My question is how would you get out if there were an earthquake?

Tomorrow I will tell you about the new things in Italy.

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