03 November, 2009

Finding Money

Today I woke up at 1pm and thought my watch must be off. 15 hours I'd slept. Though I must admit I awoke around 5am and saw how dark it was outside, so thought I'd sleep an hour or two more. Finally someone was pounding in the upstairs apartmennt and it woke me. But it was still dark outside. Unfortunately it was raining, and in this apartment you can't hear a thing. Unless someone is pounding with a hammer.

I got dressed and thought I'd wait for the rain to stop. At four in the afternoon, I gave up and went searching for a bank to change the $1800 I had strapped to my waist. The bank told me that they no longer changed money and I had to go to the railway station. So I tromped off in the rain with no umbrella, because I couldn't find mine. Halfway a man came up selling umbrellas and I was able to buy one for 5 euros. I thought he must be an angel until I was approached buy half a dozen more men selling umbrellas.

While waiting for the men in front of me to change his money, I began to read the fees connected to changing money. Getting money by credit card or bank notes will cost 14.90%. I almost fainted. But I needed the money, so I took the loss. I received 919 Euros for $1800. After paying for the apt and the internet fast key, I am left with 150 euros or there about. So the only way to change money is to use the ATM.

Don't forget that all museums and many restaurants are closed on Monday. I had to walk quite a distance to eat. Since I didn''t have breakfast and had a bowl of cereal for lunch, I went to a ristorante which is open all afternoon and evening. Then I walked back.

The apartment is situated near the Roman wall. Always walk on the outside of the wall in the evening, because the inside is pitch black and the outside is lighted by all the piazzas.

I came back to the apartment, changed out of my soaking wet clothes and went on the computer. At least the internet fast key will get enough use.

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