05 September, 2012

More Interesting Signs

The old boy's school. Was this a proper public school in Britain, public meaning private in Americano? Our public schools would be their government schools, which they are of course.  But the idea that this was a school for the "old boys" tickled my fancy. 
I wasn't quite sure what this meant. Were they letting a letting shop? Let meaning rent. Or was the little Letting Shop letting something?  

But the nutter's wood was not confusing. It is a place for people, nutters, to go into the woods to gather nuts.
This is a name of a shop that sells a little bit of everything, but they don't sell Union Jacks, which our daughter Kamala collects. So we were thwarted after trying every kind of shop we could think of.
You have to imagine how popular football (soccer to Americans) is when they have to set aside a place to let people drink and not listen to the sport of the day.

I guess there are special hats for clever women. Does that mean a not so clever woman can't hire a hat here. 

But in England hats aren't the only thing you can rent, you can hire everything.
It's a little dark, but here you can get anything for that special event. I love it.

There was more danger on the roads than just humps, these narrow roads were made for one vehicle, but two would try to pass each other. That's okay when they go slowly, but one driver we had went 50 and 60 mph around curves on a narrow road and squealed to a halt just short of hitting the on coming car. Not for me.

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