05 September, 2012

Interesting signs

I thought it might be interesting to show a sign board in England. Looks pretty much like on at the University here in Madison. But there are signs that we found amusing and confusing. 

At first glance one would think this was a sign about giving extra money to the waiter or the barman. But if you look more closely it is about dumping garbage, which makes sense considering the size of the fine. So Tipping means dumping, but the dump truck is not a tip truck but a dumper.
This one was more confusing than amusing. I thought it meant you couldn't return to pick up your car for an hour. Dick disagreed but came up with no alternative. So we asked. It means that you cannot go back to same parking place after an hour and put in the dime or pence for the next hour. You have to leave the parking spot and park somewhere else for an hour.
I loved this. The problem was, there was no place to hang your lead. So how do you park your dog?
This was just amusing, not confusing.

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