10 August, 2012

Denmark: Day 3

On Wednesday we were invited to Kirsten's, a friend of Dicks since he started teaching in Denmark. She was dressed all in black, quite smart, with a small heel shoe, slacks, a sweater and jacket. 

Eating dinner is always a great production in Denmark. First we had coffee and tea. We ate scones slathered with butter and jam and then a second one with cheese. Then she served us rhubarb cooked with sugar and macaroons and topped with an enormous amount of whipped cream. Actually one could say it was whipped cream with a bit of rhubarb. 

Second we were served chips and nuts and dip with a Portuguese Rose wine, while she disappeared to finish dinner. 

An hour later dinner was served. We had Indian food: chicken masala, koftas, carrot and  cauliflower curry served dry, and rice.  That was served with another white wine. Dessert was ice cream, strawberries and jelly. Very delicious. 

I was so full I felt would never eat again and of course I slept very badly because of the amount we had eaten. We arrived back at Jette's about 23 hours or 11pm quite satisfied. 

Conversation was always at a high pitch, everyone contributing. The day was very good, good good, good conversation and good company. 

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