04 March, 2012

Thoughts on My Birthday

Leaving for Dinner
This is the second time I've turned 27.  I don't think I'll see it a third time.  But I had a great time telling the receptionist, the people in the lobby that I had just turned 27. At first they looked quite confused and startled then laughed.  At the restaurant the waiter said I didn't look a day over 26, and when I told him I couldn't eat a huge portion like I used to, he said, Big change from 26 to 27. So unlike the Germans these people have a sense of humor even if it is done in a very quiet manner.

We went to a restaurant called the Arstiderma, the best restaurant in Malmoe. It is one of the caves or as they call them, the Tunnels, under the city. These were built in the 14th Century.
Doesn't look too great, but it tasted fabulously. that pie like thing on the right is the  potato

I ordered a filet, rare  and it came with a potato shaped like a pie and lentils in a sauice. Dick had the entrecote. Then we had Giracondas wine, one of the Cote du Rhone series. It was wonderful. But you really don't want to have a dinner in Scandinavia, where the prices are beyond belief. It makes Paris look cheap.
I'm not happy with this photo, but it was the best one under the strange lights.
When you're young and you have a birthday, it is the thrill of looking forward to the next year, a new beginning so to speak. When you arrive in the years of your retirement, you celebrate the fact that you are having a birthday at all and let next year take care of itself.

But I am quite happy. The receptionist asked me if I would do anything differently in my life. I thought a minute and said that if I knew what I know now, I would do some things differently. But even taking that into consideration, I have no regrets: I had the life I wanted, my children turned out well and I have a husband who is loyal and responsibile and eight healthy, spunky grandchildren. Who could ask for more.

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