06 March, 2012

Middelfart, Denmark

Dick is back in working mode, so it's up early and get off by 7:30. Of course I don't need to tag along, but sometimes it's easier than catching a train and meeting him somewhere down the line. 

We spent the evening in Middelfart, (yes, I know it is a funny name,) west of Copenhagen. Denmark is a bunch of islands connected either by ferry or more recently by bridges. Even the connection to Sweden is by a never ending bridge, which by train travels first above ground and then miles underground. Like everything else in Denmark, the bridge is a modern, simple steel structure, which will, I'm sure,  last for centuries. Unlike the road in front of Dick's office in Florence, that started taking on water. When the road was opened, one of the barrels was missing. Just imagine if this road with so much traffic had suddenly collapsed. 

I ask you, how could you tar over a road with out all the barrels underneath, or did the Italians just forget one at the end of the road and thought, "oh well, who will know?" never thinking that after a few years the barrels could move and leave a space in the middle. You have to love the Italians!!!!!

We stayed in a fabulous hotel in Middelfart, with wide hallways the size of those in palaces with a rug that is red and green and yellow with a braid running down the side, a big room with two beds pushed together, a big TV, a Danish modern desk and a sitting area of red velvet sofa and chairs. Wow the first time I have liked a hotel in Denmark. Usually the rooms are so tiny, you have to crawl over the bed to get from one side to the other. So this was a real treat. Naturally we are only staying one night. Who knows what tomorrow brings!!!!!

There was a wonderful restaurant with white table cloths and black chairs, a huge window to look out of and a bar, fairly well stocked with even grand marnier, which we had a couple of glasses. . We sat at the window and looked out on the parking lot. The hotel is built in a circle with five buildings of red brick, trimmed in white painted wood. The roofs are gable peaked and the windows are very large and beautiful.  We were told that the buildings was at one time a hospital. One building held those with infectious diseases and the others held only those who are sick but not infectious.  The cars are packed in two lines, silver, black, clean shiny, very new, as if they were up for sale.

We had a buffet of salad, a beautiful salad. Only at Pizza Hut have I seen one better. The buffet consisted of potatoes, fried, scalloped, chicken fried with pineapple and the neck of the beef, done rare. The dessert was cake and homemade ice cream. All in all a very nice meal. 

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