24 February, 2012

This is the beach we can see from the board walk above. I don't know how anyone sits out there and sunbathes. It is cold and windy, though the sun does shine.  I have been suffering from a cold for a month now. Maybe that is why I feel cold all the time. The doc supplied me with antibiotics to make sure I don't get pneumonia. I started them last night. In the meantime I try to get a little sun by sitting somewhere where the wind doesn't catch you.

Yesterday, Jette and I tried a new therapy called Ictioteraphy.  Fish nibble away at your feet and legs, cleaning the dead cells and vitalizing new ones. According to the brochure, it helps increase blood flow as well. The fish are called Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomus, which you can look up yourselves in Wikepedia. 

Like Pira'nhas they eat flesh, well dead flesh. So when you're finished, your feet and legs feel like a new born baby's bottom.