27 February, 2012

El Madano

Today we had to fix my flight to Bilbao. That means going online and get the ticket with the bar code, but the bloody computer wouldn't let me and so there you are. I was able to print out the reservation sheet, but not the ticket. Anyway if they don't let me on, I will call the bank and cut off the funds.

We ran into a German couple and had quite a conversation. They travel with a caravan nine months out of the year and stay in cheap apartments all over Europe and Africa. It was fun talking to them.  She was a tiny woman, light on her feet despite her age, perhaps in her mid sixties. She made me feel about a hundred years old. He was full of jokes and lots of great stories. They come from East Germany and experienced the fall of the wall.

We went to El Madano and wandered around awhile. Then we had lunch. The lunch was very good, as has all the food been. Not gourmet, mind you, just good honest food. We ate a paelle with tons of seafood. It was too much for the two of us.  Tonight we  made sangria, with tons of fruit and good wine. This will go with our steak and salad. MMMM. 

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