21 February, 2012

Christmas Week

We had a wonderful time with Thor and Tracelyn. They arrived on the 21st of December and stayed through until the 25th. We had our Christmas dinner with them and our friend George on the 23rd. Then Thor and Tracelyn went to Beaver Dam to see her family and we left for Las Vegas.

The weather in Las Vegas was spectacular considering it is December. We had sun shine most of the days, and though it was chili, it was pleasant. The only downside was the triplets, who were spending the holiday in Japan with their mother.  However, the rest of the grandchildren were there:
Our oldest, Carmen. She is waiting for her bear at the bear building store.


These girls are the same age, only a few months in difference in their age.
Baby  Sarai

and Tiger, who is obviously not happy being the only boy. It was all in all a great Christmas. 

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