18 August, 2010

A divorce rethought.

The family reunion fell on a great date, our wedding anniversary. We celebrated our 50th on August 6. How we managed to make it for 50 years is anyone's guess, but it was not without its ups and huge downturns. Make it we did!

I am told we are a dying breed, a vanishing species. I guess that's quite true. In the 70s I wanted a divorce, and left my husband with my four little boys and went back to my home town. I spent a lot of time with a psychiatrist and finally, after two years felt that I could make decisions. Then I looked around me. Yes, women were flocking to the divorce court because they could. Most ended up divorced, on welfare, and if not on welfare, certainly much poorer. I decided that would not be my future, nor would I allow my children to end up in poverty. So I swallowed my pride and returned to my husband. I told him why, but he agreed that we should try to make it work. And with my new found vision, we were able to make it. Mind you, it wasn't easy. We quarreled a lot, but we had a rich life traveling from one country to another, our children received excellent educations and we found something in each other worth respecting.

Above is the crowd with one family missing, who chose not to come and celebrate with us.

Our triplet grandsons, who are five years old.

Our Grandaughters  6 and 2