31 July, 2010


Hindi is the language of 30% of the speaking population in India. I learned Hindi many years ago, and have been able to get around, evem as the language dwindled in my deteriorating brain. However, luckily I can still read the script so with the help of Rosetta Stone Hindi Level 1, 2 & 3 Set with Audio Companion.  I am reviewing and establishing the language once again.

I have used a number of computer programs for learning a language. If you take your time and pay attention, the Rosetta Stone is the best of all I have tried. First you get the vocabulary, then the vocabulary is put into sentences. Normally, very simple sentences.  Pronunciation with the computer speaking the words and sentences and you mimic it. When it is not well done, you have to repeat.  Reading and writing bring up the end. If I get more than one wrong, I repeat and of course that is the way to learn. Repetition. The way children learn.

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