11 February, 2010

A snowy day in Paris

The weather gods played a trick on the Parisians, they gave them a whole week where the temperature reached about 45F or 11C.  Young couples were showing their affection on every corner, in such a way, Americans would have yelled "Get  a room."  But it felt like spring was coming and smiles were on many faces. Ah, but it was really a trick.

Then the temperature started falling and now it is around -4 to -6C or in the 20s F. The people are dressed as if they just arrived in the arctic. Not that I blame them. It is a cold that cuts through everything you wear, something like New York. 

Let's go look at architecture I think to myself. And then when I arrive in my tiny apartment to drop off my books, my brain starts having this conversation.       
                 "You really need to go out and see the bastille."      
                 "Why,"  says the right side of my brain. "Look at the weather, you idiot!!!"     
                 "You need to see more of Paris." says my left brain.    
                 "Paris isn't going anywhere," says the right brain.
And so this goes on for some time, and I often take the lazy way out.

 Now last night, I said, no, I am going out and find this wonderful bookstore near St. Paul. So I put all my clothes back on and trotted over there. Wallah, the store was closed, and the note said, be back at 5:30pm. I look at my watch, and  it is going on 6. So I went to the nearest cafe and order a glass of wine. Sometimes it pays to be lazy. 

Back to the weather. I saw the funniest thing. You know funny hahaa.
They are using umbrellas. Yes you need to look closely, but many had their umbrellas out, and this was a fine dry snow, not the sleety kind. Okay, they aren't old snow people like those who come from Wisconsin, but it was really amusing.
Just to make sure you see one person up close. 

Everyday I go by these wonderful flower shops, with flowers everywhere and the perfume is almost overwhelming. All of them are outside even today. Are the flowers I am going to show you now winter flowers?

I don't think so.You see the snow on the inside of the bouquet. They were selling these 5 bouquets for 10 Euros.

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