06 February, 2010

The Bastille, etc

So I am looking forward to seeing the Bastille, thought that at least the French would have reproduced the original building. But no, after racing around learning the metro stations, and reading everything I could find, this is what I got. Just a memorial!!!!

Oh well, I got my first glimpse of the Seine, so  all was not lost.
It's only water but nice to see. I guess it is pretty polluted and some restaurants still sell crayfish from this pollution. If it is anything like the Ganges, well, you could walk on the water the pollution is so bad.

On the way back to the apartment I saw a very odd sign.

Yes, that's what it says. And it is everywhere, on the streets, written on walls. I have no idea why, or what it indicates. But maybe they think the Parisians are too smart and need to dumb down.

There is something wrong with that photo, wasn't cropped properly. Oh well, I am at Starbucks and my dime only lasts ten more minutes. So scroll down to see what I had for dinner.

It's a crepe, and it's crispy, full of potatoes and  carrots and cream. It was delicious. Umm, want some?

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