13 January, 2010

Moving apartments

All weekend I tried to figure out how I was going to approach the real estate people. I had told them in advance that this apartment would not do. And when they offered another, I chose it. But I heard nothing after that. I figured it was the holidays and it must be okay. So I was a bit surprised when we ended up with the original apartment.

Oh well, it will be fixed on Monday, but again, how should I approach the conversation? Angry? Demanding? Or just assume they have found another apartment. I decided on the latter. I can always get angry, demand compensation later

When I called they asked why I didn't want the apartment and I referred to earlier email messages. They said they had another and I should go to the safe and get the key, so I could see it. We did that walking through all the codes and trotted off to Mandar street, or rue Mandar. Up two flights of steps and we opened the door.

I was thrilled. The kitchen was in a room off to the right and the bathroom was in a room off to the left.
This is the entrance to the kitchen and I walked inside.

Though the room was  small, only room enough for one person, it had most everything we would need.

Through the other door we could see the bathroom sink and the toilet was up on ledge with the shower.

Though the door to the shower is a bit tight, it was manageable.  The next photo is the living room, and in this case it is the room in which we do all our living.

There is Dick in his underwear keeping the accounts. As you can see, all surfaces are already covered. Unfortunately we have to put everything away before we can eat or sleep. Good habit to get into.

And, look, two windows with natural light. Who could have it better?

I can't help but wonder if we would have been so  happy with this place if we hadn't had the other one first. It helps to have something to compare to. But we have been here a week now and all is well.

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