22 November, 2009

Living in Noida


These are my grandchildren in Gujarati dress.

The last two days have been used getting over jet lag.  I don't know how many of you have suffered this disease, but the good thing about it is it goes away by itself after a few days. India is 11 1/5 hours difference between Chicago. The half hour?  The Indians couldn't stand to be on the same time zone as Pakistan, so they stuck  a half hour in there somewhere. I don't understand it, but rivalry can even cause nations to do irresponsible and inexplicable things.

Anyway, back to the jet lag. For those who haven't had this fun, your body is out of sync with the outside world. When everyone else eats, you aren't hungry, but you wake up at 2 am feeling as if somebody had ripped out your belly lining, and usually you have to search the refrigerator for anything, and I mean anything that might be available, an old slice of bread, a banana. And if you aren't in your own home, you are searching your host's kitchen for these things, which can be embarrassing if they catch you.

Then your sleeping pattern is topsy turvey.  The sun is up. you desperately want to go to bed. Every bone in your body is screaming, "LET ME SLEEP!!!" But slowly things will return to normal. And when you return home, the same thing occurs all over again.

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