10 August, 2012

Denmark: Day 4,

I was a bit annoyed when I realized we were again invited to someone's house. I wouldn't have minded if I didn't have to finish everything for the trip and also walk a few miles a day. But okay, what was done was done. So I decided to stop grumbling about it.

The day before I had done two miles before breakfast, but today I slept until 11 am. I was shocked, because I was still tired after 9 hours sleep. We had lunch, which was open faced sandwiches with cheese or herring, not my favorite, but I become accustomed to this high tasting fish. We took a nap, and then went on a four mile walk. Dick had done 2 miles  early in the morning, so he was already pretty tired. I was fresh. We walked to the sea and then drank water and coke. The water was wonderful, warm and inviting, so I took my boots off and wandered around in the shallows. A couple were lying down the beach and leaped to their feet when they saw us coming. I suppose they thought they'd be alone. But alas!

A woman arrived with her little daughter, aboutt 8 or 9 years old. She was looking for a place for sixty people to walk and settle for a coffee or a snack. I couldn't imagine walking with a crowd.  But I suppose that makes a community of alike thinkers. That seems to be all we look for nowadays. Reminds me of "The Righteous Mind," a book I finished reading a couple weeks ago.

We arrived home just in time to have baked potatoes with bacon and  cream. Then off we went to Alan and Marie's. Again there is a ritual about having guests. We were only there for coffee, but they insisted on feeding us. Jette, Dick and the hosts talked mainly about what was going on in there school, since they are all teachers of a sort. I listened and threw in a comment occasionally about the American system or one of those school systems I have been involved in over the years.
They served us five different kinds of cheese on crackers and red wine or an aus lese, a sweet dessert wine. After a couple of hours, out came the tea and coffee and another rhubarb pie. Sweet and satisfying. We got home at 22 hours or 10pm. Too late to work on a blog and too late to read a lot. Again I had trouble sleeping, but this time Dick left me a sleeping pill if I needed it and I did.ted to someone's  

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  1. "baked potatoes with bacon and cream." Mmm, tasty! Good job on training for the walk, Mom.