16 August, 2012

Cotswold Day 1 To Chipping Campden

From Soevind to Chipping Campden.
We left at 8:53 from Horsens Railway. Jette and Kjeld were so kind. They fed us a big and nutritious breakfast and took us to the train. At ll:41 we arrived at Kastrup, the Copenhagen Airport.  It took us awhile to reach the BA counter, because it is housed in terminal 2 a smart walk. But we found it and checked in. Then off to the gate with a quick lunch.

The flight was uneventful, though at times the plane shook so bad you are sure it will rip apart. We arrived at Heathrow airport, where all the guides that had filled the place on the 6th of August had disappeared. Not too shocking since the Olympics. In the next couple of weeks the para-olympics will start and perhaps the guides will reappear. We  bought a ticket for Paddington Station where our train to Mareton-in-Marsh would be leaving from. It cost 19lbs a piece and took 20 minutes to arrive.

It has been some time since I’ve taken a train in England and was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful they are. The only thing they lack are bins for the rubbish, which was also lacking in the airport as well. There was a surplus of signs saying keep England clean, but no place to throw the garbage. Slightly unusual, don’t you think?

 We arrived at Paddington and everything has changed there as well. Though it would be faster to use the machine, it wasn’t worth going through the trouble learning how to use the machineonce. So we stood in line and bought our tickets from a person. It took more than an hour and cost a bit more than 30 lbs a piece.

On the way I telephoned for a taxi to take us from Mareton-in-Marsh to Chipping Campden. A taxi arrived and was waiting for us when we got down from the train.
It was only seven miles to Chipping Campden and the taxi driver waxed loquacious the entire way, telling us the wonders of the Cotswold, making us eager to get on the track. 


  1. From a "London Walks" guide; rubbish bins are scarce due to security. Apparently some IRA groups used to put time bombs in rubbish bins.

  2. "There was a surplus of signs saying keep England clean, but no place to throw the garbage."

    Funny one, Mom.