22 March, 2012

The Trip Home

In the morning, Jette called and said she and Kjeld would pick me up at the hotel and drive me to the airport. That was nice, because it was raining and I didn't want to struggle to the Railway Station. Yes, I could take a taxi, but it does cost a lot and I had very little cash left to spend without going to an ATM machine. 

We went to a very modern shopping mall, where every stairs was turned into a moving sidewalk. I wondered if it was designed that way so people could take their baskets outside, but there are elevators, so who knows. There was a step fountain, where water flowed like small waterfalls from one flat area down to the next. Kjeld said they used to have fish in it. I wondered how that would work, because wouldn't the fish end up in the bottom of the fountain? There were trees everywhere and a glass roof, which was dotted with cloud like lights and twinkly stars.

 Everything was on sale. 50-70% discounts. But I would have to buy another bag to take everything back. So I didn't buy.

I had to pick ups some small things for Tina and Susan for helping with the house and Annie. So once I checked in I went to the TIE RACK and got some Italian scarves.  On the plane I bought a kit of make up for Tina.

I was looking forward to the trip, but that was a mistake. I got on the plane and settled into my seat when I noticed that there was a sign over the buttons to control the seat. INOP it said. Though that is not a long word, I couldn't help wonder if it meant that the chair's mechanism was broken. So I called the steward over and asked. He monkeyed with the controls for a few minutes. "Yes," he said, "it doesn't work." "Then I want to move to a seat that does work," I smiled. "I'm sorry," he said,"but all the seats are taken." I'm still smiling. "So SAS sold a seat that doesn't work in business class. I don't know about all these other people, but I bought this ticket Not for the food, Not for the alcohol, but for the chance to lie down."  "Well, maybe we can do it manually," he said. "And we will return part of your money." I am imagining myself struggling to get up and down off this ridiculous chair bed, or have to call the guy to change the seat when I need to use the bathroom, which will be at least three times in the nine hours."I don't want the money back," I said," I want a chair that works." A few minutes later, the steward came back and said he had asked another passenger if he'd change with me and he agreed. He would get a part of his money back.

Then I was lucky. The guy sitting next to me was a talkative person, and we had a great conversation during dinner. He owns a company that fixes luxury and old cars in Denmark. His name was Nils, a young guy, still in his forties.Young and good looking.  He and his brother, the guy who took my seat, were gong to Chicago for three days." Business?" I asked. "No, just fun. Too bad, but we have to be back in Denmark on the weekend."   Oh, I said, and thought, wow, a trip to spend three days just having fun. Okay, but I decided not to ask anymore questions.  I was wondering why his wife, (yes he has one and two boys) thought it was a great idea to spend three days in Chicago with nothing to do. She must be very tolerant. 

He suggested if I buy a new big car, it should be an Audi, because they have the fewest problems in the first 10 years. If we need a small car, it should be a Honda or a Volkswagen. Interesting advice and I will look into it. And then dinner was over and I fell asleep. 

When I stepped off the plane, the heat and humidity slapped me in the face. Seriously? 90 degrees F in March. Has the weather gone mad? When I asked the guy who took my passport, he said it had been warm like this for ten days. 

I didn't know that the time had changed in the states, so I missed the bus by a few minutes. I stood around talking to others, who had missed the bus, for an hour and half. So by the time we got to Madison and got into the taxi, it was after midnight.

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