27 November, 2011

Caribbean Cruise: Day One

 Going through registration and running through  security was quick and easy. Then the fun started.Gather in a restaurant and meet your concierge, ours is Virginia. She has nine butlers, which were called valets when we signed up online. I  don't think I would have taken a butler. Aren't they always the murderer in the mysteries? Then there are a myriad of rules and regulations to be read off, which no one paid any attention to.  

We met a couple from Canada. This is their 10th cruise and the 2nd one this year. A cruise groupie.

Finally the rooms were ready and we toddled off to view ours. It’s very nice. A small  balcony with two chaise lounges, a big double bed, that is much more comfortable than ours at home and I don’t need to have a step ladder to get into it. A big TV with many news channels and a couple of movie channels. A large bathroom and plenty of cupboard space. There is a sitting area and a table with four chairs. Very nice. Of course, flowers and fruit greeted us and the steward, by the name of Mo, was already angling for a tip. He was sad, weeping about being overworked and telling us the tale of his family.

We decided to take a look around the ship before dinner. What a mistake!! At the pool there was a band screaming music and everybody jumping up and down. Forced merriment. I thought that if the whole ship is like this I am over the side.
The first night at the common dining room, the Venetian, steak was on the menu. It wasn’t bad.  Actually it was quite good.

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