06 October, 2011

Porto 1

The trip here was boring. Being a cripple makes life less than fun.  I will go to the doctor immediately when I return home. 

I have had two great weeks.  Living with people who don't eat reminded me of when I was young and skipped a lot of meals. Strangely enough, after a couple of days it gets easier. 

Rosemarie never made a meal, so I took her out once a day. I also bought some food as did she so I could make something for myself and her, if she felt like eating it.  In the evening we sat and watched American TV translated into German or a British krimi.  It helped my language a lot. 

At Suzanne's we skipped breakfast, had tons of tea and usually had a small meal she made for me, but didn't eat herself, and dinner. We met the neighbor, who invited us to coffee on sweet little cups and saucers and apple cake. My Spanish is non existent so Suzanne had to translate. But I thought it was very nice of the neighbor to invite us. 

Then we were invited to Angela and Chris, a British woman married to a German living in Spain. How the world has changed. We had a nice meal there as well. 

Why am I so intense about food?  I realize I used to be like these women. What happened?  I guess I just got greedy as I got older. And I am suffering.  Well, suffering is a bit exaggerated, but I will need a few more months of skipping meals to return to my normal weight.

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