12 December, 2010

On the River Ganges

In the early morning, as the sun is rising. everyone rushes to the water front. Isn't it beautiful?  But don't look too closely and------whatever you do, don't stick your hand in the water.  It may disappear!!!!!
Everyone comes to greet the sun, pour water to the god of the Ganges, bathe and brush their teeth. As wonderful as that sounds in a river of pure water, in this river it is death for anyone without a wonderful immune system. 
Tourists gather with their big lenses, unfortunately I didn't have such a lens, and take wonderful photos.
Japanese tourists have the weakest immune system of all and -----there they are-----with their masks. Nothing adventurous about them.
The main part of the ghats was surrounded by a stage, where the gods danced the night before at a huge festival and a million people attended. Glad I wasn't there. 
Jette and Kjeld had tea with me sitting at the bottom of the ghats near the river. 
We watched ducks eat the enormous amount of garbage. 
The goats were cold. It was only 75 degrees F. They needed sweaters and shirts. They are the best garbage eaters, besides the pigs.  
Yumm. We were able to watch hunky guy drape a dhoti.

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