19 November, 2010


I forget how frustrating India is.  Wherever you go, you are pursued by venders and touts.  I have learned through the years to just keep walking, but Jette stops and gets involved in a conversation with them. Of course, that means the vendor is halfway to selling her something. And many times she doesn't even want it. She doesn't buy it, but wastes a lot of her time.

The pavements and streets are loaded with cracks and obstacles you can stumble over. I have to keep my eyes on my feet or boom---I'm on the ground. 

The steps are not uniform. One can be a short height and the next so large I can't reach without holding on to something. Getting on the bus to the airplane was a real trick. The step was so high I stumbled and  fell, because I couldn't reach it. So undignified. Today we had  trouble with the taxi driver in Goa. He didn't want to come but he didn't want to send anyone. So Jette and Kjeld missed bird watching. Constant frustrations!!!!! And Jette is so kind, she always finds an excuse for whatever happens. Not so Kjeld. Today he actually shouted at the taxi driver and then refused to pay him what he asked.  Cheers to Kjeld!!!!!

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