29 October, 2010

At O'hare Airport

We have had some of the strongest winds I have every experienced.  And it doesn't let up. We just had all of our trees cut for the branches lost last winter and we'll probably have to do it again.  The trip to O'hare was a fight to keep the car on the road. And the trucks swerved with every gust. No fun really.
However we did arrive.  I was able to talk the woman at the American Airlines desk into changing my seat. I hate the last seat on the plane, because the seat doesn't go back at all and you hear the swish swash of the toilet and the click, clacking of the kitchen. So I was able to get an exit row and shared it with a guy meters tall. But being able to stretch my legs made all the difference. I slept at least 9 of the 14 hours.

Waiting in the airport I was worried. I stopped flying Air India, because for every adult, there are three squalling babies. I know that sounds cruel and unfeeling, but enough is enough. I thought we were going to have the same problem on this flight, but luckily it turned out to be quiet, even with the large number of kids aboard.

I had read the day before departure, that American Airlines is one of the three worst airlines in the US, second only to US Airways. But aside from a crabby and unhappy stewardess, or hostess or whatever they are called today, it turned out to be as pleasant as one can expect. The unhappy hostess was pretty old, probably started when I was a kid. I remember all my friends sitting around dying to get a job on the planes at that time. Every "stewardess" was young, and on the hunt for a rich man. It was important, because you could only work there until you were 30. I thought it sounded great until I got on a flight and realized that the major part of the job was distributing food and listening the complaints of the passengers. No way I would have looked for such a job.

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