13 July, 2010

New Jersey

We spent a few days with our son Lester in Metuchen, New Jersey.  It is a quaint little town near Edison, that has neither an Inn, a bed and breakfast, a hotel or motel.  However, it is a sweet, cute, little place with a very interesting Main Street, with restaurants, coffee shops, a home grown drug store, etc. As my daughter,Clio, reminds her brother how lucky he is to live in such a fantasy place. There is the town drugstore, not Walgreen's which has been pushed to the edge of town and can only be reached by car, but a local drugstore run by a local. There are a half dozen restaurants, some sweet little bars I used to frequent with my daughter-in-law, who now considers me the devil incarnate. (She and my son are getting a divorce.)

There are two secondhand book stores, where you can buy a book for a dollar. Fantastic really. And two coffee shops where WIFI exists and you can sit for hours over a coffee and do your work.

The best part of the trip was seeing our three grandsons: triplets who are going on six.

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