14 July, 2010


There are many photos I have not shown.  This is a trip with our daughter and son-in-law to Italy, Bologna , May 2009. For the three of them it was a journey into new tastes of sausages, cheeses and different cuts of meat. I am a vegetarian, so for me it was a trip with my daughter and her daughter. Everyone came out with something positive.
Dick with his grandchild, Chiara, on the Piazza in Bologna

This is the church that has been unfinished since the 16th century.

Chiara couldn't resist the bike that some little girl left on the Piazza.

Flowers spilling out into the street.
And there is seafood of many colors.

And lots of fruit and vegetables. The Italians certainly know how to show off their wares.

Let's not forget the shops full of cheese and sausages.

Here is Chiara with her favorite restaurant owner.

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