06 May, 2010

Birthday celebration in LA

Clio, my daughter, took me out for a belated birthday celebration. We went to THE BAZAAR, which was truly a bizarre, but wonderful experience. The bar restaurant was altra modern, with LCD lights, mirrors and everything in metal. 
First we drank a dirty martini and a margarita. The salt was in the foam and the martini's brine was also in the brine. When Clio reached the bottom of her drink there was a ball, and when she bit down on it, it filled her mouth with olive liquid. MMMM.
Clio ordered a Mohito with candy floss on top.

I had a Manhattan made with bourbon, strong, a beautiful color and very good.

We started out with sweet potato chips dipped in a cream sauce.

The second dish was Patatas Gravas, which had potatoes and eggs in this egg like container.

This was tuna caviche, which looked like an eel wrapped in leaves.

Japanese eggplant served with fish flakes that waved in the slight movement of  air in the room.

We ordered Japanese Tacos. These were very delicate, but I ate the paper with them.
We munched on  chocolate covered raspberries.

This went well with Foie Gras covered with cotton candy.

For dessert Clio had chocolate heart and I had a small cake with a candle.

It was a great meal, wonderful drinks and good company. What else do you want?

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