02 March, 2010


I have decided to do the impossible, take a tour. We have so little time here, there's no time to just wander around and see things. 

But first impressions are good. The Norwegians are hardy people. We came in by bus last night from the  airport. Most people had light jackets on. The bus driver was wearing a suit coat. Maybe he had long underwear on. And it was  -9C, in the teens fahrenheit.

We awoke to brilliant sunshine and blue skies. Pleasant. Then we went to breakfast. Like Denmark, a veritable feast. There's a cheese, brown, looks kind of like cardboard, but it was really good. It is goat cheese, Norwegian style. I would like to bring some home.  It melts in your mouth. MMM. 

So tomorrow after the tour I will have more to say.

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