17 February, 2010

Sick in Paris

Well I was bragging about the  lack of hygiene and guess what? I got sick. It is was either a flu or bad food or maybe it happened because  I actually ate a whole piece of meat, which I couldn't digest when I was 20. What made me think I could now? Latst week, I took a normal piece of meat and divided it into four pieces. It seemed to work okay, but two days ago  I ate the whole piece and it was practically raw. It tasted good but I was a little  nauseated the next day. However, I thought a bit of food would help. So I ate something. And then something more. Big Mistake.

And I was reintroduced to the suppository. Yes, one of those tablets you put up the other end.  Now I"m not complaining. I couldn't hold down a teaspoon of water, so there was no way I would be able to swallow a tablet. So I gave in and after a fairly sleepless Inight, I woke up in the morning and my tummy had settled down but I wasn't hungry at all. I got up, spent five minutes and went back to bed for the rest of the day.

Dick had been suffering with a bad stomach for some days. Interesting enough, however, when he went to Denmark it disappeared. The minute he returned, so did the bad stomach. I insisted he go see a doctor, who said it was nothing, gave him some tablets and told him to enjoy the wine. Of course he couldn't say anything else, here wine is mother's milk.

But we are all fine now.

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