28 February, 2010

On our way

I am sad to leave Paris, but luckily I have a month's trip to plan in India. That makes me very happy, because my first love is India. And the more I see of it, the more I like it. So I will be doing a lot of blogs about India in the next few months, as I do the reading and pull out the hundreds of photos I have. 

But tomorrow I leave with hubby for Norway, the nation of our ancestors. My mother's parents came to the states in their  youth, met there and married. So there is a special spot in my heart for this country.Dick's father's parents did the same. They came as children and met and married. 

 We will only be staying in Oslo, but I'm sure I can keep myself busy while Dick works. And then we will celebrate my birthday there.

I have seen how cold it is, a little above freezing during the day and plunging into the minuses at night. I hope the hotel has a good heater. 

Then on the 4th we leave for Copenhagen, where Dick continues to work and I will meet some friends. On the 8th  we leave for the states, and return to all the problems we left behind. Ugh! 

Paris may be the city of lights, but we saw little of that while we were here. Today, the temperature has dropped again and everyone is curling back into their heavy coats, scarves, mittens and hats. Oh well a couple days of relief are better than nothing. 

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