23 February, 2010

Le Concert des Vagines.

Women in France proudly strut their stuff. And so they should. Most keep their figure, are well dressed, usually black in winter and conservatively in summer, and they are sparse with their makeup until they age and want to be noticed. Yes, they get a long time off when they have a baby with full salary and they are paid to have children. But they are not heads of companies, and hold less than 15% of the seats in parliament. According to Julie Barlow in 60 million Frenchmen can't be wrong, that's okay with them, because they do a lot through associations they belong to. She didn't expand on that.

Men in politics have unbelievable benefits.They can hold more than one political post at a time. Chirac was mayor of Paris at the same time he was prime minister, for example. Some politicians hold many posts, and are paid for each one.This is called the "cumul" system. They accumulate positions. Not a bad system for those already in power.

However, when women want to be part of this system and demand more, they are referred to as le concert des vagines, or for those who don't understand French,. it is the concert of the vaginas. I don't know how you feel about this, but I would be incensed. Frankly furious and they would certainly hear about it.

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