04 February, 2010

Dick in Paris

There is nothing like some photos taken at random to show us what we really look like. Of course, lucky me, I control the camera and which photos are put online. All of you who don't know my husband, these are not his best, but they are aspects of who he is.
Here he is as we in the family know him. His nose in a newspaper or magazine. Yes, even here, and even on vacation.
This is one of his annoyed looks, when he wants me to do something, but I'm having none of it.
No one who knows him will believe this photo. He refused to wear a hat for years. It was really cold and we were walking a long way. So two scarves and a hat with a little ball on the end. I turned it inside out so he wouldn't look absolutely absurd.
This is a better photo and the hat is much better, though his head is so big it only perches on top. But I convinced him he looked like a pilot. Up up and away.


  1. I like the pictures, especially the last one. Someday I'd like to spend a significant period of time (a couple months or more) in a different culture.

  2. Don't wait too long. You will be sorry for the time when you were younger and would have seen the country of your choice differently.