26 January, 2010

First Day in French Class

 A few minutes before eight I dropped Dick off at the  taxi stand. Well dropping him off is an exaggeration. When we reached the stand, there stood a taxi with the light on meaning he's free. However, when we said we needed a taxi, he said he was already reserved. I looked  up and down the street and nothing was coming. So I asked the driver to call a taxi for us. He hemmed and hawed, but I refused to move and just kept smiling, looking pretty daft I'm sure. Finally he said to get in and he'd drop us at a corner where taxis go by every few seconds. So I said my farewells and started off to the metro. Gettiing there was a little tricky, but a couple of false turns and I found my way.

The Metro is designed like gopher holes. There are at least two exits for every stop. They might not be in sight of each other, may be around the corner and across the street. The thing is when I did my trial run I went out one exit, but I went out the other one when I left this morning. So I was turned around and went three blocks wrongly, before I realized it. I had to ask three people before what they said made sense, but finally I got there.

Then after trudging up three flights I stuck my head in a room and asked if it was A1. Yes. So I sat down. At the break I realized I was in the wrong class, but I was doing well enough so I asked if I could stay.  Now I am taking French four hours a day five days a week. A little stressful, but at least I will feel my time was well spent.

When I returned to the apt, my glasses fell apart, so off to find an optician. The one near here was closed; many shops close on Monday. I went to the mall about four blocks away and found a very nice man who fixed both of my glasses and didn't charge me.

On the way back, I dawdled, staring in windows, and got totally lost. And as it gets dark I get somewhat disoriented . I didn't take my map, because I wasn't going far.  But it took me an hour to find my way back and only after a young woman took pity and showed me where to go. So I will now take my map and pay more attention.

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  1. That last paragraph had me laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. Mom? LOST? Never!