16 January, 2010

Marriage on vacation

Ah, I sent this sign to my daughter, who loves food more than life, hoping I could convince her to come and stay with me. I will be alone for more than two weeks, so we could have had a great time. However, she has a little girl, who is not yet two, her first, and who can run my daughter ragged,which is normal with the first child. I remember mine.

I am in Paris for two months, a few weeks with my husband, who is very good to me, as my #2 son keeps reminding me, but whose eccentricities at time drive me to distraction. I'm sure Dick gets annoyed with me as well, but then he's not writing this blog. So, ha ha, I get to complain, and he can't do anything unless he leaves a comment.

If you are a woman reading this, you know how men are when they are sick or think they are. Unfortunately, darling Dick is no different. I have learned through the years to ignore him when he has a cold, unless he has a fever. That doesn't mean I don't care, but I do know when it's serious. And usually it's not.

Dick travels a great deal and I often wonder what he does when I'm not there to check on him or ignore him. Does he suffer in silence, or moan to whatever gods may be?  If he were twenty years younger I might think he'd found a young thing to feel sorry for him, but at his age I doubt it.

Life has its burdens. But mine are minor to say the least. However it was nice to complain for awhile.


  1. Are you saying I'm a whiner for choosing not to join you in Paris? Do you have something against sleeping through the night and waking up rested?

  2. No, what I said was, that as I was overwhelmed by my first child so are you. It wasn't a criticism, just an observation. You can't take the things we say to heart. Yes, I am sorry you aren't coming, because I will be alone for three weeks, and Paris would have been more fun with you around, but I do understand.