12 November, 2009

Wrestling with Problems in Rome

                                          The Roman Wall at Night

For the last two days I have been wrestling with the internet connection, which seems to have a mind of its own. And though I am paying 5 Euros a day to use this internet fast connection, which sticks in the side of your computer and connects to one of their phone services, I am bumped off so often I can't finish  a project,  even when the web shows six little stripes. So we have come up to an internet place and are paying more money. 2 Euros an hour, which would be inexpensive in this part of the world if I weren't already paying a fortune.  In any case, it is a learning experience, one which you might want to take into consideration if you come here.

I have been threatening to walk the wall.  Dick isn't as adventurous as I am, but he gave in and accompanied me.  We started at the Portal at the top of this page, however in daylight and walked about a mile or two. It was a disappointing experience.  What we saw are apartment buildings, old, antiquated covered with a lot of graffiti as you can see above or below.

Walk through the wall and the world changes. There are busy piazzas with tons of traffic.  Bars dot the area. I often wonder how all those bars can make a living.  And Restaurants are on every block. I understand why there are no tours.

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