30 November, 2009

Communicating In India


Yesterday I went to Citi bank and was able to get enough money to tide me over. So there is no  longer any reason for me to feel stressed.  It was a communication mistake somewhere, that's all.

Remember I told you about using an internet fast key in Rome? Well, it didn't work very well, especially after the first week. I have been here in India for two weeks, and the data key, as it is called here, works like a charm. Even in my room which has no window to the outside world.

The problem is you need to know someone to attain such a key. Here unlike in Europe you cannot just go to the store and buy a telephone or a data key. You need to go through a whole series of background checks, and you need to live here. Some people borrow a friend's cell and data key and  pay the usage.  If you are here on business, of course, your office will give you whatever you need. Not so for the tourist.
You can bring your own phone and your own data key, but that is pretty expensive, whether it is from the states or from Europe. It would cost me $2/minute to use my phone here. I have a vonage number, and I have used that. But the reception is not as good as I would like.

There are computer places you can go to and get on line.There you must show a pass, and the owner takes down all of your information. Where you are staying, the address and telephone. This is understandable, because of the fear of terrorism. I am not against it, I actually agree with it, but it makes your life a bit harder to tour or live here.

Be sure to consider these problems before you come. If you are touring and it doesn't matter whether  you have a cell phone, that is great. You can go to the computer place and keep in touch online. But if you are coming on business, be sure the funds are there to cover your phone expenses.

It seems strange to me now that I think back. When we first came here there were no faxes, no cell phones, no computers or internet. The telephones never worked and messages had to be sent with the driver in order to communicate in Delhi itself. We waited for a letter in the post with great anticipation, in order to know how our family and friends were. It doesn't seem possible that we were so disconnected. Now if I don't call my husband everyday, he is upset. At that time, if I went out of station, he might not hear from me at all for weeks. How small the world has become.


  1. This is very interesting and informative. Your best post yet.

  2. You might clarify what a "key" is. That word doesn't have any meaning to this American, except as a metal object used to open a house or a part of a secret cypher.

  3. That is a very good question. A key is a USB connection that carries the data from your cell phone. Wherever your cell phone works, this "key" works. It looks very much like the USB attachments that store information to be used on your computer.