29 October, 2009

Preparing to Leave

It is always a blast to pack. I have to hide books so I won't end up with books and no clothes. Luckily I can pack light and for two weeks the bag will be light indeed.

3 t-shirts,
1 fancy shirt
3 pair of slacks,
half a dozen scarves,
a bit of junk jewelery,
6 pair of underpants
2 bras,
sandals, walking shoes,
3 pair of socks,
6 knee socks nylon
a leather jacket
and umbrella.
basic makeup
face and hand cream
shampoo and conditioner
2 books
Italian English dictionary
sketch pad
some paints and brushes
dvd-cd player

The weather is a balmy 70 degrees, and the sun will be at the point I won't mind sitting in it for awhile. I don't like to get tan, but I do like being warm.

I arrive Sunday morning, take a train to the Stazione Termine and walk to the apt. It sounds like fun.

Wake up in the morning and go for a capuccino. Sit in a cafe and read the newspaper. Wander around for a few hours and then have lunch. Sit on the Spanish Steps and watch the world go by. Ah, that's life. Yes, I am looking forward to this.

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