20 October, 2009

Getting Ready for Paris

My husband and I decided to go to Paris for two months this winter. We have never rented an apartment for a holiday before, so this was quite a new experience. My friend in Denmark got me started by suggesting a holiday website and I began the search. We settled on a small efficiency apartment in the 2nd arrondisement in Paris, put some money down and will go January 3, 2010 for two months.

Today I bought a map and found it to be lacking, but it is better than nothing, so I'll use it. Then I found a link that talks about the tunnels under Paris, which I find quite intriguing.

I have my French tapes and will attempt--though I tend to be intellectually lazy--to read something in French everyday.

I have some books by Cara Black, who writes mysteries which take part in Paris, so I want to find those streets on the map and follow her around the city.

I have been told that it is easy to use the Metro, so I am looking forward to that. I love exploring new cities, and though I have visited Paris before, I have never really become acquainted with it as I have in Rome and London.

The last time we visited, I became quite ill from the smoke in the cafes and restaurants. Even the hotel was filled with smoke and I am an asthmatic. It didn't set to well at the time, and I said I wouldn't return until smoking was banned. Now smoking has been outlawed. Amazingly enough the French actually accepted it without too much hassle. See---even the stubborn French can accept a good rule.

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